Transforming on-site work styles


Changing administrative work,
changing the site

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SmartBee is a cloud service enabling centralized control of work items and site information. By incorporating SmartBee, you can reduce administrative workload and track the on-site situation in real time, eliminating errors and reducing costs.

The origins of the SmartBee name
The word "Bee" has the meanings of (1) bees (the insect), (2) a busy worker, and (3) a type of meeting (e.g. A spelling bee).. Bees communicate by a type of dance when they find a new source of honey (a flower garden where they can get honey), when collecting pollen or water, or when deciding where to build a new nest.
We decided on the name "SmartBee" because we want to provide a service where valuable information can be effectively gathered, just like bees bring honey to their nests, so that busy workers gathered in "bees" can use ICT to enhance their communication.

SmartBee connects managers to
the site

SmartBee can easily be incorporated without having to download new apps or software.

Cloud-based for centralized control.
Use the website from your own device to run checks or prepare reports wherever you are.

More efficient administrative work

You can register site cases or work, or register a work manual. Check information uploaded from the site in real time, approve it, output a report, or use collected information for effective statistics or analysis!

Illustration of main SmartBee uses for managers
  • Register information on potential sites
  • Register work details to be carried out on the site
  • Register a manual so that work can be performed without instructions
  • Issue news to communicate to the site
  • Check and approve reports from the site

More efficiency for on-site work

Enter on-site photos and work results in accordance with the work items pre-registered on your smart device, then upload it to the cloud right from where you are!

Illustration of main SmartBee uses for on-site workers
  • Can prepare reports with photos on site
  • Can prepare or check urgent messages you want to communicate from the site
  • Check the manual to make sure of the work details
  • Check news from managers
  • You can submit reports on the site without having to return to the company

Illustration of main SmartBee uses

SmartBee is actively bringing efficiency to administrative work
in many industries

SmartBee offers full support

Browser support

We guarantee operation within six months of a new version of a browser being released. Support for older versions continues for as long as the vendor maintains them.

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Download SmartBee IoT Introductory Document (PDF)

Download SmartBee Report Introductory Document (PDF)


Conducted a verification test of the real-time matching service using SmartBee IoT.
SmartBee was used as the system for Nestlé Japan's new Kit Kat delivery service.
Certified as an AWS Technology Partner.
Added a Line message notification option to SmartBee IoT.
Released SmartBee IoT.
The SIGFOX MULTI ADAPTOR received the grand prize in the IoT/M2M category of the Interop Tokyo 2017 Best of Show Awards.
SmartBee IoT was nominated as a finalist in the Interop Tokyo 2017 Best of Show Awards.
SmartBee IoT is exhibited at Wireless Japan 2017.
Added support for "SKUID by GMO" ID access management cloud.
Mentioned in the February 2017 issue of Automatic Identification Monthly, a technical journal.
Released SmartBee Paint.
Released SmartBee Report.